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Massage Brain Therapeutic Bodywork

Bodywork Professional LMT

Matt has been a professional massage therapist for over twelve years. His experience combined with a continued passion for bodywork allows him to excel in the industry. His goal is to progressively help you become the best version of yourself physically. Massage therapy creates a sort of map of awareness for your body. It helps to distinguish areas that need more attention through bodywork or other treatments. It is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. While useful for injury recovery and overall relaxation, in the long run, it is a top-notch preventative maintenance tool. The key is to not just come in when things are hurting but to help keep you in optimal physical condition as part of your active lifestyle.

While Matt specializes in deep tissue and sports massage, he incorporates various techniques during each session to find what works best for you. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Matt moved to Denver in 2015 to pursue his career goals. His passion for bodywork has only increased over the years. He looks forward to working with you in the future. Each individual will be presented with a customized plan that suits them and improves their quality of life. Thank you so much for your interest!



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